Frequently Asked Questions

Parking is available in the car park behind the studio.  Parking here is free for the first 90 minutes then charges apply. This car park is not owned by the studio.  Further parking is available in the Civic Centre car park also.
We have dedicated male & female changing rooms with room to store personal belongings and hang your clothes
We have dedicated showering facilities
Our studio has male and female showering facilities, we also have hairdryers.  Bring a towel and refresh before you head off.
No worries there!  We have toilet facilities on site.
Mats will be available within the studio for use during the session.  Feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer.
We have a water fountain at the studio, so no worries there!
I’m new to the HEAT, Can I do it?
Depending on the practice you choose will depend on the heat and humidity of the studio.  Our heated practices the studio will operate around 38-41 degrees.  If you are new to heated practice introduce yourself to the teacher who will guide you through your 1st session.
I NEED to stay connected!
We recognise that occasionally you may need to stay connected to the outside world whilst at Yogalife.  That said we would love you to experience all that Yoga can offer you and gift yourself that time JUST FOR YOU!  
We have dedicated places to store your phone (within reaching distance!) in the studio for when you need to be connected.  We will ask that all devices are on silent mode for the duration of your session and where calls need to be taken you come back to our reception area.
It’s strongly advisable due to availability and demand of certain classes types & times.  We would hate for your to be disappointed.

Please try not to eat a heavy meal for approx. 2-3 hours before the session, but don’t come hungry J If you need to, we recommend that you eat a small snack about an hour before the class.

Hydrate thoroughly – Drink plenty of water before and after the class. You can sip small amounts of water throughout the class if needed.

You should aim to eat within 1 hour after the session and ideally this should be a combination of lean protein and non-refined carbohydrate. Foods rich in Potassium are great for aiding rehydration (bananas, leafy green veg, salmon).

It’s a myth that you need be flexible, bendy or have a background in acrobatics! Come with an open mind and explore what Yoga can do for you.

Some people wear baggy, loose fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. Other people wear tight stretchy leggings and tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in.

As you move through a class you can get warm so it’s good to wear clothes that keep you cool

Some people wear baggy, loose fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. Others wear stretchy leggings & tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move & stretch in

Ladies often wear light, comfortable clothing such as leggings, shorts, vests, crop tops.

Guys often wear shorts & T-shirt/vests If your shorts are baggy it’s good to check they have a tighter fitting inner lining!!!!

We recommend that you avoid baggy and heavy clothes.

No, our practice will not be religious. Yoga is a comprehensive approach to holistic health, through the integration of mind & body. See it as an instrument to promote overall well-being.

To start to experience some of the benefits of Yoga, It’s recommend attending a practice once or twice a week to start the explore the full benefits. As Yoga is personalised to you, only you will know what YOU need!!

We have mats available to use within the studio. All we ask if that you use our specific cleaning sprays at the end of practice so that it’s nice and fresh for the next yogi!

Feel free to bring your own mat to place on top of ours if you prefer.

We also sell our own Yogalife mats from reception. Speak to the team for more information